Mbongeni Mbingo Is a Blatant Liar and Celebrates Misogyny,Violence and Drug Abuse

All people, in particular journalists, are expected to be socially sensitive. This is why it downright unacceptable for a managing editor of the country’s only independent newspaper to go around publicising a party that is a total waste of public funds when the nation is in a dire economic situation and in the process exposing his blatant lies.

Mbongeni Mbingo, the managing editor of the Times of Swaziland, and a very uneducated lad, has the audacity to place, as his facebook profile picture, a poster of the ill-conceived Prince Lindani benefit concert, a concert that will see one of the king’s spoilt brats hosting an international rap star.

It is not known how much it will cost the tax payer to host this concert, however the Richard Delafont music agency states it categorically that bookings do not cost less than $US 500 000 for one artist, any artist.

Given the wide popularity of the artist in question, Jadakiss, a rapper who is notorious for using profanity and misogynistic lyrics and promoting promiscuity and violence, the country could well pay up to $US800 000 for booking only. This does not include his first class air ticket and that of his disk jockey and entourage.

Spending over 7 million Emalangeni in this day and age for a boy’s birthday party is a kick in the face for ordinary Swazis who are poor and angry.

It is extremely hypocritical for Bingo who, on Friday wrote, wrote a ludicrous statement attacking the April 12 Swazi uprising group for, amongst other things the vulgar tone of a minority of its members. Jadakiss’ lyrics include (censored):

Listen, we all grown b****, you came her on your own b****….I’m trying to f*** till it’s late: From a song named F**ing or what? And

Kiss my ass! Yes sir!…you just gonna tell a motherf***: From a song named Kiss my ass.

Jadakiss uses profanity in almost all his songs. He also uses marijuana and promotes its use in his songs. In 2006 he was charged for possession of the drug and for illegal possession of a firearm. His concerts are also known to erupt in violence, as happened in 2006 when a man took advantage of one of these brawls and raped a young woman.

This is the vile artistry that Mbingo is promoting on his facebook profile while he goes around pouring scorn on a democratic people’s uprising because he saw one or two insults on a web page dedicated to it.

This unfortunately also comes almost over two years after the Times of Swaziland hosted a comments page that was abused just like the April 12 Uprising facebook page. Mbingo never wrote any diatribe to complain to its users about this and never even bothered to shut it down immediately. Instead, he let it go on for months.

Comments on the Times of Swaziland included  many  insults directed at Swazis of all walks of life. Today, Bingo, wants the world to believe that he has distaste for vulgar language. This is the same man person who is a Jadakiss fan???

What is this Jadakiss going to teach our children? At least the Times online page profanity was viewed by less than three hundred people a day. Jadakiss will be openly spewing his misogynistic profanity in front of possibly a thousand Swazis.

Mbingo is not a man of truth. He is the most hypocritical liar that ever paraded as a journalist. Whatever it is that the royal family gives to him to keep him blindly attacking progressive Swazis, even when he is exposing his double standards, is coming to a close very soon.

It is said that he is a catholic. One wonders what kind of Catholic this is because Swazi Catholics are guided by the philosophy of liberation theology and as Christians they must be sincere. Whatever the case, Mbingo needs to go to his reverend father and make a full confession. He has been exposed for the chameleon that he is.


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