Barney Has Lost it

Reading through Barnabas’ statement Number 8 of 2011 released last week, where he threatens civil servants against their planned protest action, the one thing that jumps up and shocks the reader is the line where he says it is government’s duty to uphold the “RULE OF LAW”.

You read and reread that statement until you are sure that you read it right. The government of Swaziland is the last to talk about the rule of law. This is because the government of Swaziland is the number one transgressor of its own laws.

Barnabas was illegally appointed to begin with. The constitution states it clearly that the Prime Minister is appointed from parliament. Barney was taken out of retirement in his farm and thrown into the Cabinet offices to strangle Swazis.

What is further confounding about this statement is the fact that in 2002, the same two men, Barnabas and Mswati, blatantly disregarded a court order from the appeals court. This caused a huge international scandal.

What rule of law is he now babbling about? The man is clearly insane.


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Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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