Power Be The Objective

There are rumours that the supreme dictator of our land, Mswati, is planning to announce a transitional government that will rule the country until 2013, whereupon the next elections will be conducted via political parties.

It is vital that the people are adequately prepared for this, should it happen. While there is hope that the younger generation, who are at the forefront of this struggle for democracy, do take the time to understand the main issues, they must have a crystal clear view of the objectives of our movement.


The Issue at hand, the ball that needs to be focused on, is POWER.  What all activist need to do is take a piece of paper, write the word “POWER” on it and stick this on their walls so that it is the first and last thing they see when they wake up.

Political power, as the late Dr Amos Wilson observed, is an attribute that can only be exercised by a group. They always have this power but may not necessarily always exercise it.


The act of allowing political parties to participate in the next elections, even as political power still lies on the throne, as organised under this current regime both constitutionally, and practically is nothing but a farce. It is a non-matter, a warm up.

The freedom to form political parties and use them to participate in politics is a basic fundamental human right. It is non-negotiable. Allowing them in the next elections is therefore no reason for celebration.

To put in Malcolm X’s analogy: “You don’t celebrate the fact that someone has lifted his boot from your neck.” It’s not supposed to be there in the first place.

If our guiding principle is the exercising of our group power then it is a non-issue that Sive Siyinqaba, Inhlava, AUDP and all the rest of the parties have earned a right to put up a banner when enlisting candidates who are going to be a part of a rubber-stamp parliament. It is not even worth mentioning.


In fact that scenario would take the country back to pre-world war I Europe. Europe immediately prior to World War I had similar institutions where they had kings with absolute power and hand elected Prime Ministers who every now and then appeared before a rubber stamp parliament full of people elected from various political parties. This is a sham.

This is precisely the reason why our most basic objective is the creation of a Democratic Republic. It is because we know that a democratic republic has never existed in this country and that only the people themselves can create institutions that will fit this new political order.

The exercise of POWER in our case should be absolute. Our group Power should be exercised to create the institutions that will reinforce it. It should be used to elect those amongst us who are best able to manage a state’s economy. It should be a power that makes the economy well and truly ours to begin with. Anything other than that is an aping of Europe’s dying Monarchies.

Le the idea of POWER therefore sink into the mind. Let it settle there for eternity. Anything that does not increase the ordinary people’s power to determine their own fate is nothing but a joke. In a bar somewhere, over a bottle of beer, one can laugh at it. We remain in the streets, waiting for the time to exercise one thing and one thing only: POWER!


About swaziuprising

Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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