Only we Can Create A Democratic Swaziland

The stature of Nelson Mandela looms over and above all South Africa today and has crossed boarders to other parts of the continent and the whole world. While we of the April 12 Swazi Uprising have high regard for Nelson Mandela the freedom fighter, we refuse to be drawn into the uncritical worship of icons and heroes. This we do out of a sincere first hand apprehension of living in an oppressive society and fighting an oppressive regime selflessly and anonymously.

It is for that reason that we choose to honour instead the many unknown and unsung struggle heroes who stood up against Apartheid. While many fell at the hands of the racist regime, more lived to enjoy the fruits of their struggle. These anonymous ladies and gentlemen, sons and daughters of the soil, are our role models. To be clear on who these people are, they are not even a part of the present day South African government. Most of them are the very people who unapologetically give solidarity to the Swazi struggle.

In the final analysis we should acknowledge that the fall of Apartheid occurred not so much due to combat forces or the international pressure of sanctions and cultural boycotts. The crucial element of South Africa’s struggle was the millions of faceless people who worked daily to render the country ungovernable. The hundreds of children who perished at the hands of police baton and bullets in the June 16 uprising and the Langa Sharpeville massacre are examples. We should continue to emulate these soldiers.

We therefore take this opportunity to remind all forces that while we may never live to have days of remembrance where we can plead with people to offer 67 minutes of service to others, we shall achieve more intrinsic and deeper objectives if we stay true to our cause of economic and political liberation.

The autocratic absolute monarchy system of governance, known colloquially as Tinkhundla, will not fall because of the current economic crisis. An economic crisis creates a poor state, but only people can create a democracy. These few days leading up to the end of July should therefore be dedicated towards rendering this country ungovernable. Whether the “legal” Unions in the country join us or not should never deter us from our goal. We say, once again SHISA MLILO!!!


About swaziuprising

Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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