The Trecherous ANC Government Can Go and Play in Traffic(“In a way”)

The Swaziland Solidarity Network is obviously correct in its approach towards the ANC led government by calling it to order for giving a loan to Mswati the despot using harsh terms.

They should actually continue their salvo against the government. Fence-seaters usually expose themselves in times like these.

According to the Secretary General of ruling party, Gwede Mantashe, South Africa was acting in its own interests when it gave the E2.4 billion loan to Swaziland. This is because they reasoned that a total collapse of the Swazi economy would lead to a mass illegal migration of Swazis to South Africa.

Therefore, giving the loan to the country is supposed to be a guarantee against illegal immigrants. This is absolute hogwash.

There is no way that a E2.4 million loan can alleviate the economic plight of the country in the long term. Swazi political parties and civil organizations were very spot-on on this issue. They advised the South African government that without a transparent government in place, the loan would make no difference.

They were correct in their analysis because in the same week that the South African government had given the loan, the Queen mother was vacationing in Mauritius, with a huge delegation composed of two of her lovers amongst other useless people.

The state dependent enterprises, now known as tenderprenuers, are the ones who were happiest to hear about the loan as the government was behind in its payments to them. These are the suppliers who supply the government items at highly inflated prices. This means that far from guaranteeing jobs within the kingdom, this loan will just end up in the hands of the rich few.

King Mswati’s royal amusement projects, such as his toy airport and numerous marble floored palaces will also receive their share of this loan. Nobody can guarantee that this will not be the case, as South Africa considers national sovereignty above all else, even above human rights, and to tell Swaziland how to spend its own money would be gross interference.

All Swazis fighting for democracy should understand that solidarity is not something you can beg for. International movements extend solidarity towards others out of principle.

The biggest mistake that Swazis can make is to worship the ANC led South African government and massage its ego, hoping that one day it will make up its mind and give concrete support to the struggle for democracy in Swaziland. This will never happen.

The ANC must be called to order harshly if it is wrong. Giving lifelines to the enemy of the Swazi people, when he has a track record of using his state instruments to suppress dissent, is not the action of a movement that is in solidarity with the Swazi people. Those are the actions of a two-faced liar who pretends to be a friend while “managing you”.

The ANC government has taken its side with the oppressor. They should not be feared. They are only human beings like all of us. That they are in charge of the biggest economy in the region is nothing to fear. If they decide to kick out all Swazi exiles tomorrow from their country then so be it.

They will find a new home preferably one that will be honest with them. In the absence of a “managing” traitor, they will find a base from which to launch the final offensive against the Mswati autocracy. So, frankly, the ANC should take its solidarity lip service and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.


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