Understanding The London Riots: A Warning to Swaziland

The youth of Swaziland would like to send words of comfort to the many young English youth who have found themselves at the receiving end of Britain’s deplorable police violence.

Lest people fall into the trap of believing that these young people are just “sick criminals” as the very crass and unintelligent conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, recently mislabelled them, let us not forget that these are the same young people who were protesting the slashing of their college and university tuition fees at the beginning of the year.

Britain’s austerity measures, like our very own here in Swaziland, are directed mainly at the poorest and already marginalised. This state of helplessness has left them feeling totally disconnected from the opulence that continues to surround them.

As the British Royal family of Britain continues to wear diamond crusted crowns, the poor London youth can barely afford a plate of fish and chips. It was therefore only a matter of time before the appropriate spark fuelled them towards meting out their disapproval of the manner in which they have been excluded from society.

We sympathise with these young people as their plight is no different from ours. It is hoped that this will serve as a warning to the authorities of Mfingoland that as the winter wears to a close and the winds become stronger, the prospect of London style riots increases daily. Swazi youth have been in a state of exclusion for a very long time now and will make the authorities feel the wrath of minister Step Daddy Lutfolwemlilo Dlamini.


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Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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