The Erratic Liability that Is “Double Head” Jacob Zuma

People must face up to the reality that South Africa has a spineless president. He has proven this time and again.

It is in his name and his anatomy. The name Jacob, for example, means Swindler in Hebrew. Jacob is the house-boy son of Isaac who swindled his brother Esau of his inheritance in biblical scripture. In Dutch/ Afrikaans the name Jakop/Jakob (Literally means Yes-Head) is reserved for sycophants.

His middle name, Gedleyihlekisa, translates to “Mabulalekheka” in Swati. In English this means, “One who kills you while smiling at you. Hi ssurname, Zuma, is the cherry on top as it literally means “Ambush”, or “Tuma” in Siswati.

Hence from the name alone there cannot be any high expectations of the president. He is a backstabbing two-faced swindler.

Zimbabwe’s ZANU PF, a political party that also has to contend with his theatrics, calls him “Double head”. This joke came from the fact that he was due to take on the role of the chair of the SADC Organ on Defence, Politics and Security Co-operation while he was still the mediator in the country between the two ruling parties, ZANU and MDC.

Professor Moyo, the ZANU PF politburo member snidely said “To say President Zuma should execute the two duties is utter nonsense. He should choose one of the two hats (and) he cannot wear two because he does not have two heads,”

The joke was not lost to those who read the actual article as a picture of South Africa’s president was displayed to show its nature. Zuma has an enormous bold head with a ridge separating the back from the front. This gives him the appearance of having two heads which coincides with his erratic nature.

You never know what Jacob Zuma stands for. His stand on a particular issue depends on which of his two heads decided to be most dominant at the time he speaks his mind. This Is why he cannot have live political debates. He has to read from script or he will embarrass himself.

On one day he votes to impose a no fly zone on Libya, weeks later he is in Tripoli siding with Muammar Gadaffi and trying to find a “peaceful” solution to the Libyan crisis. A few weeks later he rebukes ZANU PF for clamping down on opposition party members, only to later hand a worse dictator, King Mswati, an lifeline with no genuine plan pressurising him to embrace democracy.

What the rest of Africa has witnessed in this man is what Swazi activists and pro-democracy groups have known for years despite not being vocal about it. A ZANU PF paper, quoted on the Sunday Mail and probably written by Moyo as well had this to say about president star-fish:

“President Jacob Zuma’s erratic behaviour is the stuff of legends. The problem with Mr Zuma now is that his disconcerting behaviour has become a huge liability, not only to South Africa but also to the rest of the continent.” He correct!


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