April 12 Says: “Stop Demolitions!”

The April 12 Uprising Organising Committee is extremely proud of the ground work being done by its members. In particular, it wishes to single out one gallant warrior by the name of Aluta Continua.

In response to our plea to comrades that we should go into communities and document their challenges, comrade Aluta has come back with a report that exposes the core of the failures of the Tinkhundla system.

It has since been uncovered that in December this year the government will demolish houses in Moneni, Mahlabatsini, kaKhoza, Msunduza, Vuvulane and Siphofaneni. The politics behind the demolitions are a replica of the kaShali saga witnessed last year.

They all stem from the royal family’s greed for land. In all the cases the people acquired land to build homes on Swazi nation land after following the necessary procedures of paying a cow to the Umphakatsi (Chief’s kraal).

Years after settling on the land and developing it, they are now told that they did not follow the appropriate procedures. The people behind these forced removals are not from the chiefdoms that the people reside in but are senior princes hell-bent on acquiring land for themselves or the king.

The country’s judiciary is powerless to handle this issue fairly and has followed the orders given by royalty by ordering the affected families to vacate their homes before December if they do not wish to be removed forcefully.

The April 12 Uprising will not allow this to happen. We urge all members to acquaint themselves with the affected people and prepare them for resistance to this inhumane act by the country’s authorities. The time for doing that is right now, before a single home has been demolished. We look forward to seeing your reports on your work, comrades. Shisa Mlilo.


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Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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