Rallying Behind November 1

All Swazis, in particular those who are part of the April 12 uprising, must take part in the forthcoming November 1 protests.

As a country we find ourselves in the midst of the worst political crisis we’ve witnessed in recent times. In the past ten months we’ve made more losses than gains.

The country’s judiciary is once again being interfered with. Professional judges and principled ministers have been fired for no valid reasons. All this is done with the utmost arrogance by the king and his henchmen.

On other fronts, the parliament has continued with its anti-poor scholarship policy. Seemingly, the education of our children is worth nothing compared to the king’s personal luxury. The Orphaned and Vulnerable children have also not had their fees paid, which has had a negative effect on the functioning of schools and the quality of education in the country.

It is only a couple of weeks before the evictions of our people starts in the many chiefdoms where the king has greedily earmarked land for himself and his family. We have also observed the totally unswazi manner in which the son of Chief Mtfuso, of KamKhweli, has been denied a dignified burial in the land of his forefathers, all because of a one legged wanna be king prince who was thirsty for power.

Clearly we are being taken for granted in this country of ours. We cannot allow this to continue. Failure to respond effectively to these misdeeds will only lead to a worsening of our situation. Those that come after us will wonder “why we allowed these idiots to mistreat us”. We need to be honest with ourselves. We are being oppressed by a bunch of fools. What does that mean about us, if we allow it to continue?

November 1 must be the end of this regime. We need to up the ante and use whatever means that will effectively remove this regime. Shisa Mlilo!


About swaziuprising

Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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