Warning Christians Against Herod

As Christians we are taught not to judge, and this we shall not do. However, we are also taught to correct one another, and this we shall do.

The antics of king Mfingo are not fooling anyone but those who were born foolish. This sorcerer is hell bent on deceiving the country’s Christians into blindly accepting him as being a divinely ordained preacher who has God’s blessings. This is total rubbish.

This murderer, polygamist, greedy idolater is using the Christian religion to mudsling his political opponents. All his preachings are designed to present him and his family as having a monopoly over God. This amounts to nothing but blasphemy.

Christians need to wake up and tell Herod the truth, like John the Baptist did in the bible. John the Baptist was not afraid of Herod’s prisons. As a Christian, he would not allow this man to go to hell because he lacked proper counselling. It is better that our heads are beheaded for the truth we speak, than that we allow this Herod to mislead the nation into the path of darkness.

We shall continue to pray for Imfingo to repent. His repentance will be shown by his willingness to relinquish power and give it to the people to whom God gave as a birth right. To all Christians we say,”To God be the glory, and power to the people. ALL the people.”


About swaziuprising

Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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