Get Your Heads Out of the ANC’s Ass

It has come to our attention as a movement that certain Swazis who either happen to have acquired South African citizenship fraudulently or are members of the ANC are unhappy when ANC members are called to order for insulting the Swazi struggle.

The fact of the matter is that Swazis have been fighting for democracy and human rights long before some of these ANC members were even born. When South Africans were still walking around carrying dom-passes Swazis already articulated their vision of a democratic Swaziland with basic human freedoms and actually fought for it.

South Africa became a democratic country mainly because the world took a stand against Apartheid. Had it not been for the sanctions against Apartheid and the large volume of arms, military training, political education and other numerous form of material support that the country received from abroad, they still would be living in Bantustans receiving Bantu education and the numerous other indignities which came with Apartheid. Today because they have turned the corner some of them think that they can belittle those who are still in the gutters of dictatorship. This is stupidity at its worst.

It therefore takes a person with a terribly low self-esteem to imagine that Swazis will allow South Africans to insult their democratic struggle and get away with it. Solidarity is not something to beg for. It is simply the logical action of a group of people who are sincerely committed to upholding and spreading the principles of democracy, equality and respect for human rights.

It should therefore be clear that those individuals and organisations who have that commitment within them are already giving material and moral support to the struggle for democracy in Swaziland. By extension, those who are not are indicating that they have no genuine belief in democracy and are only abusing their democratic platforms for self-aggrandisement.

Swazis must understand that they are not doing themselves a favour by going around shuffling with a cap in hand begging for solidarity. The energy that is wasted smooching the asses of South African political parties would be best used fighting the despotic regime in Swaziland. While these organisations should be viewing them as people who are serious with their quest for democracy, they currently view them as nothing but street urchins begging for whatever semblance of fake solidarity that can be eked from the so-called liberating party of South Africa. Get your heads out of the ANC’s ass guys.


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Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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