SNUS Sets the Pace For Major Shutdown

The students of Swaziland and all those who support the right to education for all Swazis showed their unity, resilience and commitment today as they showed up in great numbers to march against the ludicrous proposed scholarship new policy and the reduction of students allowances by 60%.

While the march and subsequent demonstrations are meant to put pressure on the government to end these right-wing policies, it is important that all students understand that these policies are the result of a government that was created primarily to serve the royal family.

It is therefore only logical that if Swazis are to avoid the emergence of such policies they must form their own government. Such a government cannot be a shadow government, or a government in exile. It must be a governing government, which has the authority to create and implement policies. Such a government cannot exist side-by-side with the current one and therefore this Royal government needs to be abolished completely.

In the coming weeks we all should prepare to shake the country and bringing it to a complete standstill once more. Given the unity and commitment displayed today, if we keep this standstill for long enough we can complete our uprising.


About swaziuprising

Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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