South African Government Must Fund Mswati’s Birthday Party

Following media reports in the kingdom of Swaziland that the billionaire king had ordered his poorest subjects to donate money for his 44th birthday celebrations, the April 12 Uprising group has taken it upon itself to find a lasting solution to this very greedy despotism.

Swazis on Swazi nation land do not have the freedom to choose whether to give this money to the king or not. They are coerced into doing so. Failure to contribute towards this mad man’s birthday could result in an eviction or constant victimisation. Seeing the precarious situation that our people find themselves in, we are appealing to the king’s sugar daddy to satisfy his desires.

We are asking the South Africa government to please fund this man’s birthday party. This appeal is made primarily because we have noted the great affection that the government has towards this thief, murderer and chief plunderer of Swaziland’s resources. Our position is informed by the fact that we believe that this is possible.

Last year, when Swaziland was on the verge of a total uprising spearheaded by civil servants, the South African government saw it fit to fund the money-sink that is the Swazi kingdom, this despite loud protests from the workers themselves who believed that this “bailout” was nothing but a waste of money if given to king Mswati who is known to be wasteful and has the country’s priorities upside down.

It is not known for sure whether the loan eventually arrived or whether the conditions given to the public were sincere. What is known is that the South African president was willing to give the money to the spendthrift regardless of any protests from the Swazi people.  “If a country is your neighbour, should you allow your neighbour to collapse because you hold certain political views? Will that not impact on you?” said Mr Zuma

True to the assertions of the workers, a few months on and the habits that landed the Swazi state in that pitiful situation are again playing themselves out. Mswati is back wasting Swazi money. How will he ever learn that spending millions on a useless birthday party in the midst of poverty goes against common sense if every time the country runs out of money some sugar daddy is always waiting to give him more?

The South African government aside, in all honesty the ANC itself as a party has not helped the situation in Swaziland with its own profligate spending such as the centenary celebrations in Mangaung which alone cost a whooping R100 million, this despite the fact that poverty in the country is still rampant. Africa’s ruling elite are a travesty of leadership. None amongst them holds a higher moral ground and it is therefore impossible to expect one to lead the other in the right direction.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that Shiselweni folk are destitute. To save these poor souls from the greedy Imfingo who seeks to scrap the little that they have to survive, the South African government must simply hand him a cheque signed “Yours truly, Sugar daddy” and let the man drink himself to death.



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