The Con Wolf Who Wrote Bullshit

There are times when something is stated that is so outrageously far from the truth that one simply lacks the energy to respond to it. One such case is that involving an article in NewstimeAfrica by one of the Africa Contact personnel whose name is not even worth mentioning. This article is an outrageous distortion of the revolutionary upheaval in Swaziland and smacks of a charlatanry not seen yet since the 1973 proclamation by king Sobhuza from the throne.


Writing under the headline, “The democratic movement that cried wolf”, this con –tact proceeds to portray the Mass Democratic Movement in Swaziland as nothing more than a bunch of liars who spend more time talking and making empty promises to whoever cares to listen when in fact they neither hope to make a revolution nor are they working towards it. He then ends the article by warning that in future the world media may not be willing to cover stories on Swaziland as, “It will be very difficult to convince them in the future that people Swaziland are serious about protesting for change.”


The preposterous part about this article about the mass democratic movement in Swaziland is that it lacks understanding of the role played by the organisations cited as misleading the public and it is clear that the con-artist has never bothered to actually conduct research into it. He is merely day-dreaming, loafing on the job, or to put it accurately, he is intellectually masturbating.

Had he done the necessary research then he would have known that the mass democratic movement cannot, by nature, mislead the international media because when the mass democratic movement makes pronouncements, it is primarily speaking to its members, the ordinary Swazis and therefore stating its own objectives to itself and all potential Swazi participants of the revolution.

To prove this fact, the three statements cited as “Crying wolf” were either published in the April 12 uprising group or the SSN forum, both comprising a membership almost entirely composed of Swazis. This is not a cry to the international media, it is Swazis talking amongst themselves and proposing a way forward, more appropriately commanding its forces.


This is a whole galaxy apart from the images that the notion of “Crying wolf” are meant to bring to someone who reads the outrageous article. The article is in fact a deliberate distortion of reality because takes the spearhead of this revolution and puts it on a mountain top where it perches itself, removed from the people, and directs a warning at international observers claiming an impending revolution when they know that none is coming. This is bullshit. It is kaka.

Moreover because it is written from an obnoxious ignorance, nowhere does the article take into account the fact that the April 12 uprising is first and foremost the aspiration of the most radical elements within the country’s democratic movement. Being radical it should follow logically that these elements will always be two steps ahead of the masses.


And being ahead of the masses they take the role of masterminds and strategists who propose a way forward and demand that the masses revolt. That a revolution was presented as a way forward was not even a novelty. The idea of a revolution in Swaziland is nothing new. Radical Swazis have proposed a revolution long before this con-thing was even born.

The fact that April 12 2011 did not result in a revolution does not in any way mean that there was no sincerity on the part of the organisers in its proclamation. It merely means that the people did not go past their fear barrier. They backtracked when faced with an insurmountable repression. And it was one hell of a repression.


And this is where one has to question the motives of the article because it blatantly ignores the drastic repression which took place on that day, and the fact that the international media that the movement is purported to be more interested in was also a victim of it. Revolution is not a walk in the park that happens in a vacuum, totally devoid of any resistance.

A revolution in Swaziland was going to occur on the 12th of April 2011 if the state had not crushed it. Only an imbecile would not see that.
Where is the documentation of the fact that Swazis were beaten, abducted and in some cases raped by the state’s armed forces?


Why it is not reported that in the afternoon of April 12 2011 not even a single leader of any of the country’s unions was free to continue providing a way forward to the masses, because they were behind bars? How much has this con-man done to highlight the fact that our most vocal elements, the youth, had their leaders arrested on that date under false “explosive possession” charges?

If this is the kind of journalism that Newstime Africa is about then it has to retrain its con-tacts if it hopes to be taken seriously. In fact the con-man responsible for this article deserves to be fired for being downright unintelligent.


This con-man, being of British origin ought to know the difference between a proposed way forward directed at the masses and a warning directed at international media. Moreover, as a journalist he should be able to determine the audience of a statement by simply reading it. All this he dismally fails to see because he is in fact looking through jaundiced eyes.

The truth of the matter is that none is a biased and complicit in such matters as those who pretend to be mere objective observers. By observing from ignorance such con-artists end up presenting the movement as what their minds would have them believe it is. No scientific or scholarly work is employed in determining the true nature of the struggle and the pronouncements it makes about itself. Instead, we are left with a shallow and blurred view replete with the observer’s own prejudices towards the capacity and sincerity of an African movement, as observed by a national of the former colonial power which still has a vested interest in the affairs of the country.


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