Rise Against Inferior Education

The April 12 uprising Movement is encouraged by the spirit of defiance currently shown by Swazis from all sectors of society. In particular, we single out the ever militant transport workers who never back down until they have achieved their objectives, Limkokwing students and the country’s teachers.

All of these protests and strikes are part of a wider and deeper insurrection of the masses. Such an insurrection requires consistent and well-planned support from an underground movement such as ours. It is our duty to sustain the momentum of this revolution.

We must therefore follow up on the call by the Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN) that all Swazi youth unite with the teachers on the 13th of June to launch an offensive against the systematic manner in which we are made to assume an inferior status in society through being denied quality education.

For as long as teachers are underpaid and universities lack basic learning equipment, the royal family will always justify its unfair appointments in the civil service, the country’s parastatals and private companies, with the fact that royal children have better education.

We are therefore encouraging all students in the country to join in the campaign against inferior education. The methods and logistics of our protest cannot be disclosed publicly because that will only lead to security forces flooding the streets. This information will be passed down to all students discretely prior to the 13th.  


About swaziuprising

Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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