Stop the King’s Birthday Celebrations or Go to Work

The April 12 Swazi Uprising Movement would like to send a humble plea to all Swazis to disregard the so-called holiday on the 19th of April. The entire country will be in Nhlangano stopping the celebrations that will see our hard earned taxes being blown away by an imbecile who doesn’t even know how to count from ten to zero.

Swaziland has, in a matter of a few weeks, become the most expensive country in the region. All this is due to the increased taxes, notoriously packed at Value Added Tax (VAT). With Swazis being so ruthlessly taxed, the one man who does not pay taxes in the country, and yet happens to be the richest, is adamant that he should take the little the country has and use it on a birthday party for himself, his wives and his children. Whatever he will waste means less for us, the poor.

This is pure evil. Why does he not go to Kuwait and ask his friends there to throw him a birthday party funded with petro-dollars.? We would gladly wish him a safe journey and hope that he never returns to our country. Instead he chooses to go to the poorest region in the country to show off his power to waste the nation’s wealth to the starving and poor Swazi souls of Shiselweni.

We are tired of this senseless gluttony. We need to stop this birthday party from happening by all means necessary and this is why we insist that if you will not be part of the contingent that will be blocking the route to Nhlangano Memorial Stadium on that day then please report to your daily job. Ours is a very poor country and therefore we cannot afford to loaf around satisfying the whims and caprices of an ungrateful despot who thinks that the universe should revolve around him.

We plead with the nation to show their disgust at this inhumane greed by simply going about their normal business on the 19th of April because it is not a day of celebration. It should be a day of national mourning. This is a simple plea that does not require the court’s permission. We will have genuine holidays when we will celebrate and commemorate, but next Thursday is a normal work day.


About swaziuprising

Freedom fighter, revolutionary, poet, people's scholar.
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